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Our Magento based webshops are powefull and deliver the best performance and experience to the user

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Magento 2

A combination of open source technology and an experienced community of developers.

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Countless plugins and addons can turn every Magento project into something special

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More themes than you can count, more graphic designer ideas than you can handle.


Magento 2 is one of the most used e-commerce platforms out there says a lot. An open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. Originaly developed by Varien, Inc, a US private company from California with assistance from volunteers. The platform grew into a solutions for driving e-commerce web shops aimed at high performance, customization and reliability. Magento started its developing phase in early 2007. By 2019 the community received a solid new engine within the Magento 2 e-commerce website.

Our web-shops are build on the worlds most popular Open Source e-commerce project

What is important when creating

a good web-sHOP?

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A good website must tick all the basics.

Looks, security, setup, optimization, plugins, administration and have good instructions!

Choosing the



Magento is an OPEN SOURCE project with a splendid development community which is always eager to help update the core files with latest technologies, security updates and new and exciting features.

Magento is quite a special beast. The system needs to reside in a system capable of handling all the special setup required (Memcaced, Varnish etc.) to really show its potential. The system also needs good and adequate hardware components as SSD disks, fast RAMs etc.

The right


for the right


Throughout the years we found that many websites we worked on were not properly optimized upon lunching. We believe that all websites should follow best practice guidelines given out by various organizations and companies. That is why a newly deployed website made from us will be automatically optimized with all available methods to our disposal (depending on the setup and server hosting the website).

There are countless themes and plugins available for Magento web shops, that can turn the classic e-commerce platform into completely new features, options and look absolutely astonishing.

Magento 2 comes with lots of features right of the box. Even thou the basic Magento 2 installation covers a lot of basics, there are aspects of the system that needs additional proffesional attention so all the preferences are set correctly.

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Magento 2 needs quite a bit of setup before it starts working well. The system really needs a good and reliable server and a good maintenance team, so your shop will not have any downtime.

Maintenance and


Because Magento is Open Source, many organizations, companies and enthusiasts alike work toward the same goal of producing a good, secured and sturdy e-commerce platform. As Magento is really a widely used system, security or other bugs are discovered quickly and then patched quicks as well.

Depending on your existing e-commerce solutions we can manage the migration of your web shop from Magento 1 to Magento 2 version.

Expecting some


Magento comes with a comprehensive guide online as is. The community (users and developers alike) always find the time to help and answer to other users facing issues or difficulties. Besides that, we offer to all our customers an individual manual pointing out where something is done with text, images or even live help using VNC. Plus, most of the procedures are also explained in the tutorials we host.

With a dedicated community, Magento 2 has a vast library of instructions available online on how to administer the backend of the website. In addition, we can provide our customers with specialized tailor-made instructions.

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Why work

with US?


You can always rely on us. We allways do our best to satisfy all aspects of website creation, maintenance and administration so our customers can focus on what drives their business.


Price is not everything but we strongly believe that the price of a service or product should resemble the work that was put into it. For that reason our customers keep coming back.


Bringing the best ideas, technologies, plugins and themes to our customers. A vast library focused around a single product – Magento2 – really can offer all the features a customer needs.

No borders

We service clients all over the world, so don`t be shy with your needs or questions and drop us a line all call our line. Our team of specialists is waiting for your inquiries.