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We build exceptional brands. A full-service digital agency approach to grow your brand online.

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We combine beautiful design with innovative technology to create websites that are engaging.

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We develop customized mobile websites and native mobile applications for all platforms.

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Our ecommerce software helps manage webshops in general and specific aspects.

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Simple and bold design for web sites and applications, with focus on content, typo and colors.

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Your brand is your own story. Through brand strategy we craft experiences that help you.

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We develop various high quality digital products, including web and mobile applications.

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down to services:

Different technologies are compounded together into a comprehensive system that helps companies be more productive and serve their customers better. Our services help our customers. Presenting online all kinds of brands, products and services with an easy to navigate webpage. Users are able to find all kinds of products and good deals when your site is properly organized which drives bigger turnover for your business. 

Send us your ideas or question about your needs and we will be more than happy to offer you a solution adeguate for your problem.

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Send us your contact mail and we will be contacting you shortly.

Why do we use WordPress?
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Why do we use WordPress?

- WordPress is one of the most popular CMS out there
- Easy to understand and use
- Lots of different plugins to extend your website functionality
- Unlimited number of option for website graphics design
- Security and updates
- Open source
- Light weight

Suitable for?
- Any kind of business or personal website
- Any size of website
- Good for various content, presentations etc.
- Easy to navigate
Why do we use Magento?
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Why do we use Magento?

- One of the best and robust e-commerce system in the market
- Excellent features
- Safe, sturdy, reliable
- Open source
- Best developer community
- Good and flexible interface
- Lots of frontend designs
- Suitable for bigger e-shops
- Lots of plugins

Suitable for?
- Lots of selling articles
- Need of order placement, invoicing, stock etc.
- A e-site that can handle lots of traffic, so many customer can shop at the same time
Why do we Automate processes?
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Why do we Automate processes?

- Computers should help users to make their work easyer
-Repitive tasks can be usually automated
- Usually Automation is not as hard as people think
- Saves us time and money
- Many of the tools we use are open source, meaning there are no additional software expenses

Suitable for?
- Businesses who can benefit from eliminating boring tasks
- Backups of your systems (off and online)
- Updates of stock position, website updates etc.
Why do we Optimize websites?
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Why do we Optimize websites?

- So all customers, search engines and browsers can have a good and reliable experience
- To make the website faster, follow standard best practices and be properlly presentable
- To make the overall internet data traffic lower
- So search engines can rank you correctly

Suitable for?
All website owners should optimize their website
- Small, medium or big size websites
- To really reach your target audience
Why do we use WordPress?
Why do we use Magento?
Why do we Automate processes?
Why do we Optimize websites?
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We host a number of websites on a hired professional high-end server in Slovenia. Our cooperation with them was and is always on a professional level, with an enormous emphasis on quality customer support. The important part is that their services work.

If you need a reliable server with highly qualified staff let us know and we will be kindly extending our knowledge for your website needs.

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Send us your contact mail and we will be contacting you shortly.
Contact us an e-mail to or use our contact form. 

Let us take care of your system wise needs on our servers

Do you need help with any IT related problems?

Do you need help with the migration of your existing website to a new server?

Do you need assistance with plugin development or installation?

Do you need help installing 3rd party plugins and/or themes of your website?

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