Our blog – Why did we start it when there are so many out there already?

Our blog idea started when the company WTP started a long time ago, we were definitely sure that the business we were starting needs to be innovative and tech-savvy.

Good roots planted in the begging helped us grow over time, which then allowed us to develop new ideas, technical aspects, and expertise.

As with all things, we needed to mature. Time brought experiences, which brought new ideas… Being lucky enough as a company to be able to develop ideas. In addition to brainstorm, most of the ideas are absolutely stunning.


There were many days and nights of learning, testing, trying, failing, retrying, succeeding, and many other ups and downs. In all those experiences we found that sharing knowledge with colleagues, friends, different communities and in the end with our customers is the basis upon which we successfully built a good company. Only by sharing knowledge, we can ensure that our customers can focus on their business rather than on the computer part of their office work.

Similarly, customers present us with new and exciting projects which in turn makes us always look forward and learn new techniques. Instead of the classical sales profile when you buy a car (website) without a motor (not optimized) or without a road to drive on (inadequate servers).

This blog is divided into subcategories and contains most of the processes and techniques we use today in our company. In a few words we try to cover:

  • Software installation
  • Software basic usage
  • Website SEO
  • Operating system installations
  • Operating system setups
  • Special processes
  • Review of software we like/dislike
  • Website creation
  • Website administration
  • Hardware reviews
  • Most of the blog post are aiming for office or home use
  • Some works we did: wtp-promotions.com

You can find our tutorials on the link: https://wtp-web.com/blog/

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this article we are always happy to receive your feedback. Send us an e-mail feedback@wtp-web.com. Thank you for reading and happy computing!

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