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Creating an e-mail in cPanel – How to use

In this “Creating an e-mail in cPanel” tutorial we will be looking at How to create a new e-mail for your domain in cPanel on your server. After logging in to the system you can choose the “Email Accounts” icon under “EMAIL” section of cPanel.

cPanel - how to make a new email address for your domain

Select the option “+CREATE” to make a new e-mail address.

cPanel - create new e-mail account

Type in your desired e-mail name and password, setup if there is restriction on the size of the e-mail box and if you want to receive an automatic e-mail with the setup for your e-mail downloading software.

After that, select “CREATE”.

create an e-mail in cpanel

You can access your mail now trough Outlook, Thunderbird, webmail server etc. Upon first login you can choose what is your default Webmail Application.

WebMail - first access

In our case, we will use “roundcube” so we will click on “Set as Default”. Then we can navigate to our webmail interface.

Webmail - roundcube - create an e-mail in cpanel

In conclusion, Creating an e-mail in cPanel is easy.
We can now use our new e-mail. We used this procedure for many of our domains (like

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