USB drive Windows installation – How to set up

USB drive Windows installation is the fastest and usually the easiest way to install windows nowadays.

For this project you will need an USB flash drive with at least 8 GB of storage. If the stick is not empty, you should first save the data on it. After that you can format the USB drive in Windows explorer.

Open up Windows explorer and right click on the USB drive – then select format.


Its best to use FAT32 File system. Click start, after the warning click OK and wait for the system to return the message »Format completed« and close up the menu.

Media Creation Tool:

You can download the MediaCreation Tool from the Microsoft website.


Run the downloaded file, and after agreeing with the License terms and other notices, your system will start collecting some information.

Windows 10 - Getting a few things ready
Windows 10 - accept licence agreement

On step 1 you need to choose »Create installation media (USB flash drive etc) for another PC«, then click Next and wait for the next menu choice.

Windows 10 - Create installation media

You can set up differently, but we used the »Recommended options for this PC«- with English language, Windows 10 Edition and Architecture 64-bit (x64). Click on next.

Windows 10 - raccomended settings

On the next selection page we will be chooseing the option »USB flash drive«, as we want to be able to install the Windows 10 system from the USB drive.

Windows 10 - choose media

And on the following page you need to select which USB drive you want to setup – in our case there is only 1 USB drive. Select the drive and click next.

On the next step, Windows 10 will start downloading the system to the USB drive. It will take a while, depending on your internet connection speed.

Windows 10 - downloading

After the process is done click »Finish«. You can follow the tutorial on How to install Windows 10 from USB drive.


In conclusion, we have now installed Windows 10.

You can find more tutorials on the link:

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